Winter Games 2018 ; A Togolese Athlete Out Of Games

By Kodjo

Alessia Afi Dipol, one of the togolese atlete registered for the korean Winter games,has beeb withdrawn from the atletes’ list this day. According to peplelou news, the organizing committee, along with IOC, décided to cancel Alessia Afi Dipol on the list because of problems linked to her passport.

Alessia Afi Dipol had registered to compete in the Alpin Super G and Alpin Slalom. The decision came out after a 3 hours’ meeting in Pyeongchang. Delegates of local organizing committee, IOC and togolese representatives discussed the matter without a settlement at the end.

Nevertheless, the registration of Mathilde Amivi Petitjean, another togolese atlete to the winter games has been confirmed. ” A copy of her togolese passport has been received this day at the local organizing committee bureau” wrote peplelou news.

There is no chance of medals for Togo in the coming winter games.

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