Woman in sport in Burundi

By lilian 

In the Burundian tradition, the woman was made to do the housework and not to do the sport
In Burundi, women and girls have long been relegated to the background in all sectors of development. Women are trying to mobilize in organizations and associations although the difficulties remain multiple. Women’s movements and associations continue to emerge to defend women’s rights. But in their areas of intervention, the field of sport is nowhere to be seen, which makes it seem that this field is completely forgotten by women.


The factors that exclude Burundian women in sport are numerous and diverse and we can mention a few:
• The cultural barriers that keep the Burundian woman at home
• The lack of media coverage of women’s sports activities as well as sports activities for men. It was found that the media
• Self-discrimination among women themselves who do not want to get involved in the field of sport. They are fleeing responsibilities.
• Low representation of women in the governing bodies of sports. It should be noted that no woman is at the moment head of a sports federation in Burundi. But, it is also in Burundi that a first woman was elected president of the federation of foot ball, it was in 2004.

To meet these challenges, a women’s group to promote women in sport was formed under the initiative of Mrs. Lydia NSEKERA, President of the National Olympic Committee of Burundi.

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