CAF Champions league ; Togo Port, the pride of Togo

By Kodjo
For the First time ever, a togolese club is qualified to the group stage of the CAF champions’ league. The merit goes to AS Togo Port, the club owned by the harbour and ports authorities of Togo. The club made the achievement  to eliminate the experienced Al Hilal of Sudan.
At the end of the return leg match played on sunday March 18 in Ondurman, AS Togo Port could not believe what was happening to her. Although they have lost 1–3, -the players were right to express Joy and satisfaction.
In fact, AS Togo Port is benefiting from their win 2-0 in the First leg played on March 7 in Lomé. The aggregate is to the behalf of the togolese club, especially due to the goal scored àway by Kissimbo Ayi Abel, son of à togolese former international player.
The pride of a country
The qualification of AS Togo Port is a True matter of pride inside Togo. Football fans, clubs’ leaders as well as the Executive Committee of Togo FA salute duly the achievement.
Across the country, words of Congratulations spread out.

Happy to know that a togolese club is able to eliminate   Al Hilal. It is great” said a club leader.
“We are proud of AS Togo Port and we hope that this historical qualification will be the cornerstone of a New day in our football as far as the clubs are concerned”, he added.
A New challenge is in front of AS Togo Port: to go beyond the group stage. The bookmakers guess the club is aware of it.

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