By AJSB Thierry Niyungeko SG

Under the theme: “Radio and Sports”, the Burundaise Association des Radiodiffuseurs (ABR) in collaboration with the Burundi Association of Sports Journalists (AJSB) exchanged on the spot of sports, state of affairs and the challenges to be seen in the radios.

To mark this day, local media officials and various sports journalists met at the House of the Press. The meeting room welcomed professionals who would give much more importance to the place of the Sports in their media space. BRARUDI has identified her presence through our former resident Ndayishimiye Rémy , currently a member of this prestigious society.

Rich exhibits were made by Ms. Liliane Nshimirimana, Mr Evariste Nzikobanyanka , Chairman and Vice-Chairman of A.J.S.B. as well as the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Sports Ms. Rosette Irambona. They successively developed topics such as: The Place of Sport in the Radios, the Current Place of Sports and Media coverage as well as the Public Expectations in relation to the sports coverage radios.

During his presentation, Evariste Nzikobanyanka, Vice-President of the AJSB, noted some of our problems with our sports reporters. “At most local media stations, there is a lack of resources to cover all sports activities,” he says. And adding that the lack of updated training fails to conferrs who need much more reinforcement of their capacities.
Rosette Irambona’s spokesperson for the Ministry of Sports finds that sports disciplines are social cohesion vectors. In order to be known by a large public, Ms. Irambona explains that sporting activities require Radio. She took advantage of this opportunity to launch a call for girls to get involved in sporting practice so as to make a choice as well as the Francine Niyonsaba champion.

Ms. Liliane Nshimirimana’s presentation allowed the classification of radios to be issued in the Burunda region with regard to Space space in their weekly programming. The constant fact is that community radio shows the part of the lion at the moment when the religious radio stations do not have sports spaces.

Here are the burundi radio shows in their sports emissions:
1. Radio Eagle Sport FM
2. Radio Buja FM
3. Radio Buntu FM
4. Radio Izere FM
5. Radio Radio FM
6. National Radio
7. Radio Colombe
8. Radio Rema FM
9. Radio Humuriza FM
10. Radio Culture
11. Radio broadcast
12. Radio Star FM
13. Frequency Radio Menya
14. Radio CCIB FM +
15. Radio Safe
16. Radio Voice of the Woman
17. Radio Isanganiro
18. Radio Issues
19. Radio Destiny FM
20. Radio Maria Burundi
21. Radio Voice of Hope
22. Radio Message Radio
23. Radio Salvation
24. Radio Voices from Africa

After the exchange of participants, a radio panel on “radio, sport and genre” was animated and recorded for finally broadcasting at local radio stations. The activities of this day ended in a fraternal atmosphere at the turn of a glass offered for this occasion.

Photo: Animators as well as panel guests organized during World Radio Day in Burundi.

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