ACBAB ; Bujumbura Amateurs Basketball Club Association – Opening Tournament 2017 – 2018

ACBAB (Bujumbura Amateurs Basketball Club Association – Opening Tournament 2017 – 2018, 2nd Day
By Line Curie Muco

A special Pascale day, which fell on the “April of Fish” day that no one even thought, and was wiped out by a  rain that did not prevent many spectators coming to attend the 2nd day of this tournament.

Some celebrated early in the morning, while others chose to do so early in the evening, each organized as he could be able to attend the day’s games.

The fact is, everyone was right to respond to this 2nd day high show, as ACBAB and most of the lovers of the orange ball had been present.

This day, at 9:00 pm, at the time of the meeting, at Ladies, Black Eagles, Rumuri won the victory of the 1st cage (54 – 27) at 9:00. And Muzinga against Kern in the men, Kern striking (68) Muzinga (57) who has no demerity.

The final score 49 – 47 tells about the game that followed, either 2 teams of worrying weaknesses, or 2 teams whose adventures have become increasingly bored by a game of  combativity, dominated by a physics  ironed on both sides; so the 2 were sufficiently prepared that no one had the intention to release the matter.

Facing with Mugisha of the intentional Dynamo team at the 3-point launch, Gafyisi, Captain of Urunani, had a twisted thread to better organize his team, even with the Tutem Muco leader and Willy Broad, a new recruit in a team that has wondered, offering both the show and the art worth a school basket.

Urunani, of course, is still in a position to stand (49) against Dynamo (47) who, despite the strong force he has sought to impress throughout the meeting, is unfortunately not enough to stand up. No doubt, a bit more ardent who won the expression of a missed season without comparing.

What does that say, “Better than ever” is said. At the beginning of the competition, almost all teams are still building to try to create cohesion between players, each time they are recruiting.

Nothing is still played, full of surprises waiting for you. Staying on the playground, the public is an integral part of the joy that gives this discipline; the basketball.


So the Week end of 7 and 8 April 2018 is played on both the 1/2 Finals Men’s Saturdays and the Men’s and Men’s Finals Sundays. Men’s and women’s Finals

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