In Pursuit Of A Dream

By Ritah Aliguma 

Just Climb complex, Hongkong

The beginning of the twenty-first century saw a dawning of a new era in sports. An era of exceptional talent began in 2008, when Claire Cheung, who was moving with her parents through one of the buildings in China,  met people who were doing their climbing training which attracted her attention and prompted her to insist that her parents should take her to watch this same sport. 

Little did Claire Cheng, the current Chinese climbing champion know that this was the beginning of her career in a sport she proudly extols.

Claire Cheung during a training session at just climb in Hongkong

“When I saw them climbing the walls, I was so fascinated and I immediately asked my dad to take me for the training which he willingly did. Unfortunately, when I told the coach that I wanted to start training,  I was given a rather rude welcome with a very discouraging response claiming that I was too young for the sport.

I received the news with sobs and tears which I persistently did until I was allowed to join,” smilingly said the Climbing Star.

Claire Cheung during a training session at just climb in Hongkong

Having jumped the initial hurdle,  the young star started training hard with the sole aim of representing her country at all levels, nationally and internationally in her new-found sports discipline. And today, Claire made history by becoming the youngest champion in the Climbing Sport.

The hard working young climber trains six times a week, twice in Hong Kong at the Climbing complex and spends the rest of her training days in China as she pursues her dream of getting an Olympic gold, the  time Climbing will feature as an Olympic discipline.

“Even if am a champion,  I don’t consider that,  which helps me to focus on the future big sporting events. I train everyday to improve on my bouldering.   I must qualify for 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan,” she asserted.

You would imagine a young girl at such a tender age to be very proud and untouchable,  but she was very humble and social as she calls it her hobby.

Besides the Climbing sport,  Claire loves playing basketball and badminton. Her role model is Japanes Yoshiyuki Ogatawho is ranked 8th internationally.

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