Age, Never A Hindrance To One’s Achievement In Sports

By Ritah Aliguma

Have you ever thought about age being an hindrance to someone’s achievements in sports? You need to think again because age seems to be just a number as proven by female cricketer Mariko Hill.

At 23years,  Mariko has already achieved much more than her age, captaining a Senior National female  Cricket team of Hongkong, winning more than eight league titles in a row, seven T20 titles and leading the national team at major competitions.

The jolly young star who started playing cricket at a tender age of 13 is one of the most decorated women cricketers in Asia after her team won an eighth straight Women’s League crown (when?) . They were beaten by HKCC Cavaliers in the T20 league, having previously won seven in a row.

“There are several sports disciplines I would take on but Cricket is a game I play with so much passion and my family has been very supportive from the time I started playing cricket 11years ago”, she mentioned

When asked about how she felt being appointed as the team captain,  she said that she didn’t expect the responsibility but decided to take on the challenge which has anabled her to mature up.

Like any other sports woman,  she has faced her own challenges too. She believes women have not been taken care of like men

“We have got several setbacks,  women sports is not more fronted like the men’s technical team.  Most sports women are not paid well,  it’s just passion driven sport and about socialising”, Mariko said

The National team captain who has been to a major in Tanzania appreciates how Africans work as a team with so much attachment. “I love the collective culture in Africa because every time they scored, they could get together, dance  and celebrate which is a good thing”

She advices the women out there to give their best and never to throw in a towel.

“Never give up.  Success and failing come hand in hand so failure should create more energy and girls should stop being over ambitious.”

She also calls on the public to believe in women sports which she believes would be at the top some day.


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