Burundi ; Volleyball Championship Closing Edition 2017-2018

By Liliane Nshimirimana

The volleyball final semis were played this weekend from 14 and 15 April 2018 in Bujumbura, under the theme “Together, men and women, girls and boys for the renewal and development of the Burundaise volleyball” .

The final were played on Saturday, April 14, 2018, on two grounds, namely the parquet floor where 4 women’s teams met and the field of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, where men’s matches were held.

The results for the final ½ were recorded as follows:

Dame Light Club’s formation of Gender Light Club has easily beat the As on a 3-score  at 0 while Muzinga has difficulty coping with New Colombe on a score of 3 sets. Muzinga

Muzinga beat Bisoro team (the only one from the inside of the country who has come to the finish for the first time) 3 sets at 1 at the time of the friendly sports of Bujumbura Rukinzo’s side of the National Police of Burundi was set to a score of 3 sets to 1.

Finally, the matches are being held at the Department of Youth, Sports and Culture. Among the ladies Muzinga is a championship team after battling Gender Light Club on a score of 3 sets to 1 (25-21, 19-25, 25-19, 25-22) and in men, Rukinzo who has won the title of the 2017-2018 champion after having dominated Muzinga over a score of 3 sets at 0 (25-21, 25-16, 25-21).

The players who did this during the championship were medalated by post.

In the ladies

Best Attack: Karen NOPPEN from Muzinga

Best passenger: Mugisha Nathalie de Muzinga

Best counterfeit: Nzeyimana Champion of As

Best defender Marieke Van Der Leeden from GLC GLC

MVP: Thank you Gynette ali Ngorore de Muzinga

Best revelation: Kaze Dély Driver of GLC

Among Men

Best striker: Niyongabo Richard de Rukinzo

Best passer: Bizimungu Patrick de Rukinzo

Best offender: Iradukunda Anive from the Bisoro team

Best defender: Mugabowingabo Briand

MVP: Irangabiye Evrard de Rukinzo

Best revelation: Igiraneza Hugues de Rukinzo

The Burkina Faso Volley Federation also awarded certificates of honor to the four personalities who contributed greatly to the development of the Burlandese volleyball. It is:

. Gaston Sindimwo 1st Vice President of the Republic of Burundi for its contribution and support at the place of the volleyballers


Pascal Barandagiye Minister of Interior and Patriotic Training for its initiative to organize a voluntary inter-tournament tournament and to encourage municipal administrators to raise at least two territories by common


3. Ms. Lydia Nsekera President of the CNO Burundais for support of the volleyball federation

4. Immaculate Nzotungishaka team chairman New colombe, the only lady in the head of a volley ball team

You will know that the High Vice President of the country, Vice President Gaston Sindimwo, Pascal Barandagiye, Minister of Interior and Patriotic Training and former Minister for Sports and Culture Honorable Jean Jacques Nyenimigabo, had enhanced by their presence the finals of this national volleyball championship.

In his speech, the chairman of the Burundaise Federation of Volleyball Gordien Iradukunda launched an alarm call at the Ministry of Sports in his assignments to support the national teams because the federation is acting as an employee while the department play that of the employer.

He also recalled that the President of the Republic had promised to support volley ball, basketball and handball games as well as the ball.
As Vice President of the Republic of Burundi, Gaston Sindiko, said that when the President of the Republic announces a high-performance activity, it is as a decree he signifies. “If the support given by his Excellency the President of the Republic has not yet been granted to the beneficiaries, it is that those who are responsible for implementing have not played their role properly” Gaston Sindimwo .

Before completing his statement the 1st Vice President promised that he would not take any effort to ensure that the field of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture be covered to accommodate international competations.

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