A Bungled Oppurtunity


The Lions of Teranga lost it in that game against Japan and now they have to count their losses in a competition they looked well equipped to break barriers and create new frontiers. No viable reason for this early exit except to blame themselves for an opportunity bungled. If you cant score a goal from the myriad of chances created against Columbia in the first half why then do you concede a cheeky goal from a set piece at a time when game management was crucial.

Just like Nigeria that needed a draw and could not snatch it. And painfully against a similar South American opposition. This World Cup showing by Africa has done drastic damage to the profile of the game that was seemingly on the rise in the continent after the 2010 World Cup. It is easy to say lets go back to the basics but i think we need time for sober reflection and perhaps a reassessment of our preparation and playing methods in competition like the World Cup.

The Africa Nations Cup next year may just be an opportunity to stamp a mirror on our minds and faces to see where we need to get it right. As they say. finally jungle don mature. Even the Lion has lost its roar. And what is left…a heavy heart and a confused head. Time enough to find healing all round. Bye bye Africa from Kazan.


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