New edition of the AIPS magazine now online: together against Racism

LAUSANNE, October 2, 2019 – At the end of the summer, to go out with a bang… Here we are with the latest edition of the AIPS Magazine. Now online and available for download. Issue III/2019 opens with a delicate theme, Racism and the shadow of sexism in Iranian football stadiums: the fight against discrimination continues, and AIPS sides with women from every corner of the world.

YOUNG REPORTERS PROGRAMMES Sunny days are over, it’s true, but we cannot deny we lived through exciting experiences, enjoyed sports competitions and encouraged many motivated young journalists to question themselves and to increase their incredible potential. That’s why AIPS believes in promising youngsters, as widely shown in the section dedicated to Young Reporters Programmes: starting with the UEFA Euro U21 Championships in Italy and San Marino, then, moving overseas, towards America during Lima Pan American Games and Africa at Rabat African Games, for the first time in the AIPS YR Programme’s history.
The programmes give young reporters the opportunity to widen their net of knowledge, make a real professional impact on journalism, touch on profound, current and social themes. Thanks to the impressive knowledge, as well as human and professional experience, of the writers responsible for the projects, the AIPS mentors Ricardo Lopez Hevia, Martin Mazur, Ernesto Ortiz, Keir Radnedge and Riccardo Romani, AIPS supports young brilliance every day.

CHERNOBYL The nuclear disaster took place in April 1986. However, 33 years later, it looks as if nothing has changed. The new issue brings back to life the highly indescribable tragedy as reported by Nickolai Dolgopolov in Any moment Chernobyl may return – The reminiscences of a survivor, because people need to remember and a new generation has to know what exactly happened: being informed is essential to avoid repeating the same unrelenting mistakes.

FROM THE WORLD The third issue of the year includes many pages coming from AIPS National Associations, displaying some of the intense and inspiring activities managed last summer, such as the recognition of veteran journalists for having covered more than 10 Africa Cup of Nations, as well as veteran cycling journalists and photographers reunited by Giro d’Italia in Verona. 
AIPS recognises the great results all the national associations have reached together: seminars, partnerships agreements and international projects aimed at becoming well-informed and aware of what is around us all over the world.

AIPS SPORT MEDIA AWARDS Ending with a celebration of the most talented journalists, AIPS is almost ready to bring together all the submissions sent by professional writers, podcasters and photographers and to evaluate the best pieces of work among the large number of applications received so far, before the amazing AIPS Sport Media Ceremony in Budapest on February, 3rd.

The submissions deadline is October, 7th. Work can be uploaded in any language and may come from AIPS cardholders as well as those who are not members of the association. Awards categories are divided into Sport Action and Portfolio (photography), Best Column and Best Colour Piece (writing) and Radio, TV and Digital Broadcasting (audio).

Winners will be awarded with a trophy and cash prizes from $2000 to $8000.

Another recognition has been recently introduced: Young Reporters can take parte in the contest, submitting for Photography, Writing and Broadcasting categories, with the opportunity to obtain a scholarship in a major international sports event.

The Awards will be assessed by a Jury of 12 respected professionals, chosen by the AIPS President Gianni Merlo: they are Vincent Amalvy, Jaap De Groot, Donna De Varona, Nawal El Moutawakel, Mark Gleeson, Gary Kemper, Shinsuke Kobayashi, Roslyn Morris, Andreas Schirmer, Steve Wilson And Jie Zhou.

Other curious and interesting stories can be found inside this issue of the AIPS magazine, here the link

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