GFA President urges SWAG members: “Let’s ignite the passion and create wealth”

ACCRA, November 4, 2019 –  President of Ghana Football Association, Kurt Edwin Simeon Okraku has assured sports writers of safe and comfortable spaces for media reportage in his quest to ignite passion and create wealth with Ghana football.

The President was a special guest at the Sports Writers Association of Ghana’s meeting where he had the opportunity to address his fellow writers.

In his speech, Mr Simeon Okraku touched on a number of issues related to creating a good product as well as writing the right stories about the sport. In effect, he assured the media of providing the right environment and logistics to create the new product that will be beneficial to everyone.

However, knowing the state of the Football Association he has inherited especially after award winning investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Number 12 documentary brought the association to its knees, The Game Changer” called on the media to rally behind him in his bid to ensure that Ghana Football goes back to its glory days.

“After Number 12, the high raiser we dreamt of building collapsed. Now, we have to start building from the basis, he intimated.

He also admitted that for the media to be able to do the their work well, the association will have to take up the responsibility of providing safe, serene and comfortable atmosphere for media at match centres and also provide the right means of information accessibility.

I believe when we play our role in capacity building then you will have the capacity to help the total good of the men’s game, women’s game and juvenile football. The FA needs to have a good working relationship with the media. The FA have to be concerned about how the media is empowered. It is my desire that the FA will invest in your training.

The FA President also used the opportunity to admonish the media to show support to the new administration. According to him, “you all had your opinions in the period leading to the elections. We have a new leadership for our dear institution that has been empowered for 4 years. We all owe this leadership your biggest support.”

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