PRESS RELEASE ; Statement By Mustapha Beraf, ANOCA President

Hello everyone,

Dear African sports friends, technicians, managers and members of the African press family,

Allow me above all to offer on behalf of ANOCA our sincere condolences to all those who have lost a loved one and to express our deep compassion to all those who have been affected by this terrible pandemic.

I can assure you that the African Olympic and sports movement will take all measures to protect athletes and their staff to prepare and participate in the best conditions for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games duringsummer 2021.our confidence is total, full and whole in all our national and continental associations which like us took the oath to protect the athletes and to overcome this world plague which touches the whole humanity. and the essential pillar of our fight remains without question our African press and its continental association AIPS AFRICA which spares no effort to support the independence of the press and democracy.

The other pillar is our mosaic of medical commissions working on relaxation for the well-being of our athletes. we will work together to work in the general interest and to cultivate hope in our sports communities with the common objective of helping to fight for a better life. the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, a wise and responsible decision by the IOC and the Japanese authorities, was in itself proof of this cohesion between the Olympic movement and the governments which placed the health of the athletes and staffbefore any other consideration of any kind.the dialogue and preliminary consultation organized on this first-rate issue were an example of solidarity and participatory management unique in the annals of world sport.
athletes and sports communities expect a lot from us and we hope to live up to their expectations.

.Let us be united and united in this painful stage of our lives and help each other to fight and overcome this terrible pandemic.

I wish you all good health and much happiness in your families.
God protects us and gives us the strength to overcome these painful trials.

Mustapha Berraf
President ANOCA member of the IOC

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