Palestinian Sports Media Federation condemns the targeting of press institutions and homes of journalists

Palestine Sports Media Federation

GAZA, May 16, 2021 – The Palestinian Sports Media Federation has condemned the fierce attack launched by the brutal Zionist occupation against the Palestinian people, press institutions and journalists who are carrying out their duty to cover this aggression.

On the night of May 11, the Al-Jawhara tower, located in Gaza, which hosts the offices of 13 media institutions and NGOs, was bombed. The offices of the media organisations – The National Information Agency, Palestine Newspaper, Al-Arabi Channel, Al-Ittijah TV, Al-Nujaba TV, the Syrian TV, Al-Kufiya Channel, Al Mamalaka channel, APA Agency, Sabq Agency 24, Bawaba 24, the Palestinian Media Forum, the Palestinian Forum for Democratic Dialogue and Development – were completely destroyed. The offices of Al-Jazeera TV, adjacent to the targeted building, were also damaged.

The Sports Media Federation confirmed in its press statement that the occupation’s goal behind targeting those media institutions, media houses, and the homes of defenseless civilians is to obliterate the truth and not highlight the heinous crimes that it commits without any accountability.

The Sports Media Federation is calling on the General Union of International Journalists, the International Sports Press Association, the Asian Sports Media Federation and the Arab Union, to intervene and pressure their governments to put pressure on the occupation government to stop its aggression against the Palestinian people who defend their land and their right to life.

The Union added that the occupation continues its targeting of the Palestinian people and its bombing of institutions directly in front of the eyes of the world, and uses combat warplanes that are usually used only in wars between countries, taking advantage of the state of international silence regarding these practices.

In this context, the Sports Media Union has expressed its full solidarity with the two media colleagues Alaa Shamali, the sports editor of the Palestine Newspaper, colleague Anwar Shabir, the sports editor at Sabaad, whose homes were targeted by the occupation warplanes.

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