Sport’s Journalist Association of Burundi: to assess oneself in order to start on new bases

By Hervé Mugisha

Saturday, December 17, the Sport’s Journalist Association of Burundi (AJSB), organized an exchange workshop on the theme: “Burundian sports press: challenges, opportunities and future prospects“.

In view of the problems that sports journalists face on a daily basis on and outside the working field, the meeting was intended to be important. A god thing, because this exchange session made it possible to identify some possible solutions to overcome these problems.

Among main challenges: to remain professional or to survive. An unnamed dilemma as some journalists have suggested. “Because of the derisory salaries, they choose to ignore the ethical rules of the profession to have this little financial boost to make ends meet for the month”.

For Liliane Nshimirimana, president of the AJSB, a big challenge when we know the role and the values that sports journalists must embody in their mission to serve the good and the honor of sport. “At this point, it is no longer journalism that you practice. This is food journalism,” she warned.

Abundant in the same direction, the three panelists recalled that above all, a sports journalist is first and foremost a journalist. “Unfortunately, a sacrosanct principle that some of us tend to forget,” noted Nadège Mahoro, one of them.

Among the possible solutions identified, the journalists present converged on the need for capacity building for new members and retraining sessions for old ones, without forgetting the involvement of everyone for sharing opportunities and full development within the association. The workshop was organized thanks to funding from the National Olympic Committee (NOC).

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